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Your Leading Partner in the Automotive Industry

Steering Trade is one of the leading companies in the region, specializing in the wholesale of motor oils, service equipment and spare parts for passenger and commercial vehicles. We are official representatives of leading international companies such as AVISTA, ORIGINAL BIRT, METALCAUCHO, FEBEST, SIGMAUTO, BREMSI and MIRA, providing top quality spare parts and equipment for your car. With a wide range of products including steering and suspension parts, complete brake system parts, as well as high quality electrical and electronic components, we stand behind the quality and reliability of every product. Our products, such as V-belt kits, tensioners, water pumps and others, are from reputable OEM companies such as SKF, INA, CONTINENTAL, DAIKO and GATES. Our warehouse, located in Skopje, together with the developed dealer network throughout the country, allows easy access to our range of spare parts in every city.

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